Candy Lens Circle Review part Deux

Alright! So as promised here is the next installation of my contacts review.. Now I have to clarify, this is the FIRST TIME I have ever worn contacts/put them in my eye/touched my eye before. These were actually pretty simple to put in once I got over my fear of putting something in my eye. Removing them was a different story, but I chalk that up to my personal eye phobia as opposed to the lenses themselves!

           geo ash wing in grey

COMFORT: As I said before, this was the first time I had ever worn contacts before. They were actually really comfortable. For about the first two minutes or so I felt them in my eye, but it wasn't a painful or uncomfortable feeling. Just that, it was obvious they were there. But after a few minutes that feeling subsided and it felt like nothing. They slid right into place and involved no adjusting on my part! There was also no blurriness or anything, I could see perfectly fine. The ones I got are just 0.00, so no prescription for me. :) Also, I wore these for the first time tonight and left them in for a little over four hours. The only reason I took them out was because I was removing my makeup, I could have easily left them in for a bit longer.


APPEARANCE: The colour was even better than I imagined. I somewhat wish they were a little lighter so you can see the grey more, but I also have very dark brown eyes so it's somewhat impossible. The design was very nice. They looked almost natural on me and not crazy like some contact lenses can look. The colour is beautiful!


ENLARGEMENT: I wasn't really looking on enlarging my eyes too much. These gave me a larger iris and pupil without making me look like I was on some sort of drugs or had obvious lenses in. Like I said, they are natural enough for daily wear without looking like "oh my god, what does that girl have in her eyes??" If your looking to dramatically enlarge your eye then I would go even a step up. I think these are just 14mm. They enlarge without doing TOO much.


PACKAGING: I absolutely loved the packaging they came in. I thought the decorative box and handwritten thank you note was just too cute. Very good customer service and very unique type of marketing. Those small touches do make a difference!


OVERALL: Overall, I have to say these contacts were fantastic. They last for 12 months and seem pretty durable. I will definitely be ordering these again.


Again, they can be found at candylens.com


  1. I know your post isn't about your makeup, haha, but I love it. It's so pretty!

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