Circle Lens Review - Candylens.com

So I just got my new geo contact lenses! They're from Candylens.com and were relatively cheap. I paid about 25$, including shipping! The wait was actually pretty quick. They took about two weeks to get here from Malaysia!

and look at the cute box!

What all was included:

       - two vials containing my geo ash wing contacts
       - a free contact case (that look like hippos!)
       - a thank you note!
       - and a note containing care and storage information

The vials contained a code that when entered at Geo21Eye.com lets you know that the contacts in fact are REAL geo lenses. Which is good because who knows what goes into the fake ones...

Look at that cute case :)

Like I said, they sent me a really adorable and handwritten thank you note.

It reads: "Dear Alexis, Thank you for your order. Hope you like this Geo Ash Wing contacts ^_^ Remember to soak the lens in solutions for at least 8 hours before wearing. Have a nice day! - Candy Lens"

They even included cute pictures of balloons, haha.

I have not put in the contacts yet as they are soaking in solution, atm! But when they are ready to go, I'll update. :)

If you like, you may purchase the above candy lens you can go to http://www.candylens.com !

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