Woo hoo!

I am so happy to say that I won Keiko Lynns Foley + Corinna purse giveaway! I have never won any sort of giveaway before and am really really excited. :) I just started entering every giveaway I could a while ago and it's already paid off!

The bag can be found here and I chose to get it in Poppy!
Also, seen here in one of Keikos Outfit of the Day.

PS, I recommend everyone check out their site, they have fabulous clothing and gorgeous handbags. I love their dresses. :)

I definitely recommend everyone enter giveaways, someone has to win it, why not you?


Versatile Blogger Award!!

Thanks so much for awarding me with this lovely award, Francesca!! :)


The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions
4. Award 15 blogs

Seven things about me:

Number One:
I am officially a licensed cosmetologist! Although I would love to go back to university for fashion design and merchandising, and study more, I do love being a hair stylist. :)

Number Two:
I have three kitties! Yes, I'm very much a cat lady. :) Their names are Simba, Meeka, and Ash. Simba is more of my baby boy and Meeka is my boyfriends kitty! Ash is both of ours, though I think she prefers me. ;)


Number Three:
I'm trying to self learn french! I took it a few years back in middleschool, highschool and a few years at university. But, as they say, if you don't use it you lose it and I definetly lost it. I would also love to go visit France one day!

Number Four:
Even with all the tornado disasters, I still love the thrill of a storm. This is definetly my favourite time of year (storm wise)! And this year seems to be quite the active year for tornadoes. They are definetly a destructive beauty. Also, the sound of a tornado siren is my favourite. Not sure why.

Number Five:
Kind of coinciding with number four, but Fall is my favourite season of the year (fashion wise). I love wearing gloves, and boots and deeper hues like plums and chocolate browns. Also, capes! A woman should atleast own one of these, so classy and has a touch of vintage feel to it.

Gabi of Gabifresh

Number Six:
I'm a sushi addict. :) If I could eat sushi and/or any other japanese food for the rest of my life, I'd be a very happy woman. Unagi, or Eel, is my favourite. MMM.

Number Seven:
I'm a Sims3 nerd. I'm not much of a gamer, but when I do decide to play, I always go for Sims! It's such a fun game and easy to get lost into.


1. Name your favorite color:
 Actually I'd have to say black!
2. Name your favourite song:
 I don't have al all time favourite, but I have favourites of the week! And right now that's Oublie Moi by Shy'm

3.Name your favourite dessert:
New York Cheesecake for sure!
4.What is pissing you off? :
Waiting for my blazer to come in the mail from England. Damn international shipping!!
5. When you’re upset, you? :
 I brood and pout. Then either get over it instantly or eat some candy, haha.
6.Black or White?:


Shy Girl !

Wet n Wild dark brown (Vanity palette)
Kat Von D black (to darken, Lucifer)

Bare Canvas Primer
Highlight (Light cream colour from Wet n Wild Greed)
MAC Cumulus
Kat Von D greys (Razor grey, glock)
Dark grey (Wet n Wild Lust)
Kat Von D black (Lucifer)
Falsies Mascara
Falsies (double stacked # 28)
Bonnebell black liner with Lucifer over
DUO Lash glue

MAC Strobe Cream
MAC Prep + Prime Primer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW 30
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW 30
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW 30
Contour with (Stila one step Bronze Babe and Wet n Wild Princess)
MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl
MAC Coppertone blush
MAC Fix +

Shy Girl lipstick
Underage Lipglass


Make up contest!

Today at school we had a make up competition between the classes. It was so much fun! My model (Kristin) and I ended up winning! I wish we had more time (and glitter!) but I'm loving the finished look. It was so fab in person!

MAC had a halloween competition between three mac artists: Jenn Karsten, Fatima Thomas and Joey Camasta. I drew inspiration Joeys look, in which he was also the winner! For those who aren't familiar with it, I'll post the link below to the actual competition.

My inspiration:

My version:

Products used:

Wet n Wild trio (silver and black)
Covergirl Concealer for primer
Forever 21 Falsies
Wet n Wild liquid liner
Rhinestones from hobby lobby



Pictures of forever 21 haul and new look haul to come soon, can't wait!

PS. Jeggings = best ever.


Something new.. !

(all products MAC unless otherwise stated)

Products used:

Face Primer
Strobe Cream
Studio fix nw35 (liquid)
Wet n Wild blush
Sallys baked bronzer

Mac painterly primer
Wet n Wild Vanity palette matte shadows
No liner
Bottom lashes: vanity palette blended with Carbon
L'oreal volumnous mascara
Ardell Falsies 26

Snob lipstick

Daily looks compilation

I've been away lately because of school and personal life but here are some random fotds!

Sideway chic? :)
(all products MAC unless otherwise stated)

Products used:

Face Primer
Strobe Cream
Studio fix nw35 (liquid)
Wet n Wild blush

Mac painterly primer
Kat Von D Metal Orchestra palette silvers and black
L'oreal eyeliner
L'oreal volumnous mascara
Ardell Falsies 26

Snob lipstick